Things That I Know About Food

For the love of food.

Thought Catalog

De gustibus non est disputandum.


1. M&M’s were originally developed for the U.S. Military. Chocolate and sugar = keeps you awake and alert and keeps you firing your gun at those damn Germans; “Melts in your mouth, not in your hand” = your trigger finger doesn’t get sticky when firing a gun at those damn Germans. This is all totally true.

2. Frankly, I feel like the secret military nature of M&M’s could be played up more, as opposed to using those ads with the creepy talking CGI candies. “M&M’s! Whether you’re shooting at Germans, insurgents, or your own army officer, M&M’s are the candy for you. …M&M’s…. because it’s time to kill.”

3. Tiramisu is a desert that was originally developed for prostitutes in Italy. Again: coffee and sugar = gives keeps you awake and alert during the long night; cream = gives you stamina for the long night…

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